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I’m Orman, a product designer and digital artist in London. As a believer in the power of good design, I’m a keen explorer and diligent student of the creative world — from print, art, and interfaces to photography, architecture, and interiors.

After three tours of duty as an engineer with the British Armed Forces, I spent my 20’s developing marketing strategies at award-winning agencies in the capital. I’ve had the privilege of building and influencing campaigns combining television, search, email and radio, for numerous high-profile clients.

I spent my 30's on an entrepreneurial expedition, combining marketing experience and passion for design, together with an insatiable desire to create. I’ve designed, built, grown, bought, and sold several design-led companies that have generated millions in revenue and gained millions of supporters.

Today, I’m the Co-Founder of Make Lemonade — a close-knit collective committed to empowering creatives on the road to financial freedom through tools, services, and technology.

Here’s to those making it on their own terms.

Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy gives creators the ability to sell digital downloads, subscriptions, and software licenses through a super-quick, mobile-friendly checkout without worrying about payment gateways, taxes, and file delivery.


Dunked gives creative people the power to build beautiful online portfolios without learning code. Dunked has helped more than 100,000 talented designers, photographers, artists, and illustrators showcase their work in style.


Iconic is a free, do-wtf-you-want-with, ever-expanding collection of pixel-perfect icons in PNG, SVG, Figma, Vue and React format. A collaboration between icon designer James McDonald and team Make Lemonade. 500+ icons and counting.

Make Lemonade

When 2020 started p*ssing lemons, we started making lemonade. Make Lemonade is our Voltron. Our Wu-Tang. We combined our ideas, efforts, and businesses — the whole kit and caboodle — and called ourselves a collective.

I enjoy learning from and being inspired by like-minded creators. If you're working on something you think I'd appreciate, I'd love to hear about it.

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